Cattle sales are on Thursdays, with finished cattle starting at 10AM, followed by slaughter cows, bulls and then feeders start at 12:30 sharp. Special feeder sales are held on Mondays at 11:00 a.m., as announced, and special bred cows/pair sales are held on Thursdays at 12:30 followed by feeders.  If you have cattle to sell, give us a call at 402-372-2493. Auctions may be watched online at 


Are you interested in upcoming sale listings or current prices?  Sign up for our emails or texts delivered to your smart phone or computer.  Talk to the office for details at 402-372-2493.  Thanks and Have a great day!

Thank You' from fundraiser 

March Auctions 

March 5 - Weekly Auction/Special All Class Feeders @ 12:30 pm

Monday March 9 - Precondition Feeders @ 11:00 am

March 12 - Weekly Auction 

March 19 - Weekly Auction/Special Bred Females/Leaders Angus Bulls @ 12:30 pm

Monday March 23 - Precondition Feeders Auction @ 11:00 am

March 26 - Weekly Auction

April Auctions   

April 2 - Weekly Auction/Special Bred Females @ 12:30 pm

Monday April 6 - Special Back to Grass All Class Feeders @ 11:00 am

April 9 - Weekly Auction

April 16 - Weekly Auction/Special Bred Females

April 23 - Weekly Auction 

April 30 - Weekly Auction/Special All Class Feeders







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