Weekly/Special Bred Females Auction 

Finished Cattle/Weigh Cows/Bulls @ 10:00 am 

Feeders/Bred Cows/calf Pairs Breeding Bulls @ 12:30  

All Females aged and pregged by local vets. Sorted and sold in lots to suit the buyer. Quality will be outstanding. 

December 20,  2018 

Feature Consigner: 

G Stewart: 185 Complete Dispersal of Blk BWF cows 2nd calf to running age. Mated to Jorgensen Angus, will start calving March 20th. This is an outstanding group of momma cows whose calves top our market every year. A Don't Miss group. 

G. Baden: 90 Fancy Blk and Red Angus 2nd-3rd calf cows consisting of 70 Blk and 20 Red. AI'd to accelerated genetics Angus Bull Infinity. Cleaned up Herf. Bulls. Calving March 1st for 60 Days - Super Set . 

B. Fenton 42 Angus Based Hfr- AI to sensation Herford Bll 2504- Calving February 10- All Shots

M. Korth 25: Blk 1st calf hef. AI'd to Broken Bow Future Focus. Calving January 20th -30th. This is a super set. 

M. Korth: 20 Blk Young to Solid Mouth cows mated to some of the best Blk Bulls. Calving February 20th for 40 days.

B. Bradsley: 20 Bred Hfr With 2nd Calf, Bred to Herbster Angus Bulls. Calving march 30 for 20 days.    

D. Hitzman: 20 Blk Running Age cows mated to Blk Bull. Start Calving April 20th 

D. D. Hopp: 13 Blk Sim X 1st Calf Hfr. AI'd to Brilliance. Start calving Feb. 15th for 30 Days- Super Set  

C. J Bargholz: 12 Blk Sim Angus X Hfr - Bred Felt Sim Angus LBW Bulls Calving January - February 

KO Cattle: 10 Blk Hereford Bred Cows Bred Blk Calving Feb. - March All Shots

S. Meyer: 8 Blk young to solid mouth cows mated to Blk Sim bulls. Start calving Feb. 10 for 50 days

W. Meyer: 5 Blk young to solid mouth cows mated to Blk Sim bulls. Start calving Feb. 10 for 50 days 



If you have any questions, please give us a call (402)372-2493. 



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