Weekly/Special All Class Feeders 10:00am


Thursday July 18

Finished Cattle/Weigh Cows/Bulls @ 10:00 am 

Feeders/Bred Cows/calf Pairs Breeding Bulls @ 12:30





J Bose 65 hd - Blk Hfr 800-825

T Brabec 60 hd - Hol St 500-700

P Rosburg 50 hd Blk & Red St/Hfr 600-900

H. Hasenkamp 10hd Blk St/Hfr 550-600

T. Henning 12 hd Red Str/Hfr 550-650



E & J Brester 50 hd - Blk/Blk WF fall calving cows mated to Blk Sem bulls, start calving Aug 20th.  Complete dispersion of super cows, all coming 4th calf.



 If you have any questions on this important industry change please give us a call (402)372-2493. 


Blk St
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