Thursday February 27, 2020

Wkly/Special Bred Female

Auction starts at 10:00

250 Complete dispersion of Blk & few Char cows, 3rd calf to running age.  All mtd to outstanding Baldridge Angus bulls.  Start calving Mar 15th.  Every one has been home raised, good set of calf raisers.  - D Schulz

65 Young to running age Blk cows  & Mtd Blk bulls.  Will start calving Mar 17/60 days - R Pond

35 Blk/WF cows mtd to blk Angus bulls.  Start calving March 25th.  This will be a good set 

of solid mouth cows - R Weidner 

32 Dispersal of running age cows; Blk/BWF bred to Sim Angus bulls due mid-March. - R Stuekrath

30 Blk solid mouth cows mated to outstanding Blk bulls. Excellent calf raisers. Start calving March 15 - J Jensen

24 Complete dispersion Blk & Char cows, mtd to black bulls. Start calving April 1st.  Running age of cows - R Noe

20 Blk cows, 3rd to running age.  Mated to blk bulls, start calving Mar 20th - D Glodowski 



75 Blk Strs/Hfrs, weaned - 400-500 - J Hostetter





If you have any questions, please give us a call (402)372-2493. 



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