Special Preconditioned Feeders

Monday, January 21st  @10:30am Expecting 2,500 

**All cattle weaned a minimum of 30 days, castrated, and vaccinated**

Featured Consignment: Dan and Nick Schott 1200 CharX steers and heifers all weaned over 75 days and having full series of spring and fall shots. These calves will be out of some of the best mama cows in Northeast Nebraska. We will have these cattle sorted into pot loads to suit the buyers. Cattle will weigh 650-850. Must see set!!

G. & B Buhrman: 140 Blk Sim X Str/ Hfr 600-700

S. Muller: 115 Blk/ Sim X Str/ Hfr 600-750

G. Lackas: 85 Char/ Angus X St/ Hfr 650-750

R. Hansen: 85 Blk Str/ Hfr 550-750

J. Bohac: 80 Blk Str/ Hfr 550-650

B. Schutte: 66 Char Str/ Hfr 600-650

J. Brudigam: 50 Blk/ BWF Str/ HFr 450-650

D. Drieling: 50 Blk Str 650-750

P. Bruning: 45 Blk Str/Hfr 500-600

J. Baumert: 43 Blk X Hfr 700-750

K. Hagemann: 42 Blk Str/ Hfr 600-700

D. Stewart: 40 Blk Str/ Hfr 600-650

K. Kruger: 30 Blk & Char Str/Hfr 550-650

J. Brichacek: 28 Blk Str/Hfr 500-600

T. Tichota: 27 Blk Str / Hfr 750-850

G. Jackson/ B. Linden: 25 Blk Str/ Hfr 450-650

R. Lieber: 18 Blk Str/ Hfr 500-650

K. Wiemer: 17 Mixed Str/ Hfr 500-800

D. Bohn: 15 Blk Str/ Hfr 650-700


If you have any questions, please give us a call (402)372-2493. 



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