Weekly/Special Bred Females Auction 

Finished Cattle/Weigh Cows/Bulls @ 10:00 am 

Feeders/Bred Cows/Calf Pairs Breeding Bulls @ 12:30  

All Females aged and pregged by local vets. Sorted and sold in lots to suit the buyer. Quality will be outstanding.

January 17, 2019 

D. Settje: 90 Blk Bred Heifers 1st calf AI'd to Confederate then cleaned up with Special Focus . Heifers will start calving 2/21 for 55 days. All shots and super gentle. A dont miss set! 

A. Novotny: 60 Blk/BWF F1 Baldies 1st calf heifers. AI'd to Conneally Arsenal. Cleaned up with LBW Blk Angus Bulls. AI'd heifers start calving Feb. 14. Bull Breds start Mar. 5 for 45 days.

G. Olson: 55 1st calf Blk Angus Heifer AI'd on May 17th and cleaned up with proven LBW Lim Angus Bulls for 55 days. This is a super stand up set. 1125-1150 Montana Origin.  

D. & K. Franzluebbers: 30 Blk solid mouth to running age cows, mated to Blk. Start calving Feb. 20 for 50 days.. M

H. Moseman: 26 Blk/ BWF 1st Calf AI'd to Impulse and Cleaned up with proven LBW Angus Bulls Start Calving March 1. 

H. Moseman: 20 Blk/ BWF Cows mated to a Driver Blk Sim Bull. Will Start calving March 1st. 

K. Kneifl: 20 Blk/ BWF F1 baldies 1st calf mated to proven LBW Lim Angus Bulls. These heifers will be ultra sounded for a 20 days calving period Feb 20th to March 25th 

K. Kneifl: 10 Blk/ Red 1st calf heifers also mated to Proven LBW Lim Bulls. Heifers will start calving Feb 20th. Ultra sounded for a 20 days calving period. These will be a super gentle and big set (1150-1200) A must see group. 

S. Copple: 10 Blk/ BWF Cows 3rd- 5th calf mated to Blk Sim Bulls. Start calving March 1st. This is a super set of cows. 

J. Settles: 5 Blk Cows 2nd calf to running age. Start calving March 1st. Bred Blk bulls. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call (402)372-2493. 



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